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Pin AIDS-ribbon

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Pin AIDS-ribbon

Nail your colours to the mast and show your solidarity to the countless AIDS invalids and victims in Africa - and worldwide with this pin AIDS ribbon. Africa and especially the South Africa is hit by HIV to a great extent. Daily many humans die from low immunity - disease because they lack money and education.


Pin as South African craftwork

The small AIDS ribbon made of beads is made lovingly in South Africa in handcraft. A safety pin makes sure that you can wear the pin on your clothes and so you can  wear a sign against oblivion. Because this sign of solidarity statement is made in pure handcraft in South Africa there might be little differences in pictures and descriptions regarding measurements, shapes, colours and designs.

Measurements: 3 x 4 cm


Also African Attitude supports AIDS work in South Africa

 With your purchase at African Attitude you support the project "Bathandwa" based in the area of Cape Town where someone takes care of children lovingly who parents died from low immunity or who are infected themselves. At this place children who will have no future without foreign help on the streets of Cape Town will have a happy future.

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