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Exclusive wooden mask "Punu Tribe" II with shells and beads, unique specimen

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Exclusive wooden mask "Punu tribe" II with shells and beads, unique specimen

A very unusual art object is this mask made of Kola Wood, which comes from Gabon. As a single piece it surely will let the heart of every collector and Africa fan beat a little faster.

Decorative mask made from Kola-wood with shells and beads

In particular, the cladding of the wooden mask with shells and beads attracts the eye of the beholder. The shells and beads were subsequently applied to this beautiful mask in the most elaborate handwork, making them a real asset to any home.

The wooden mask was carved by an artist from the Punu tribe, who lives in Gabon. They refer to themselves as "Bapunu" (singular: Mupunu). Coming from the northwest, the Punu settled in the basin of Ngounié in the south of Gabon in the 18th century. The independent village communities were divided into clans and families. In social cohesion, the task was to keep the evil spirits of the forest spellbound.

This mask served as a "fertility mask" and was placed under the bed of the lovers in the case of conception problems in order to support the desire for children. A gorgeous African decoration and a real eye-catcher for your home.

Mask for hanging or display on a stand

You can use the Punu mask as a precious wall decoration. If you really want to place them in a representative way, we recommend that you order the appropriate stand with it. The stands were made exclusively for us from iron steel and are perfectly adapted for your mask. So the beauty of this African mask comes to its advantage.

Dimensions: approx. 39 x 22 x 20 cm
Weight: approx. 2,100 g
Delivery without stand (available for an additional fee)

Single piece of pure manual work

Please note that this mask was crafted in Gabon. Because it is a single piece, you get exactly the mask shown here. Please note that the delivery time is extended by about 2-3 working days if you order the appropriate stand, as it is specially adapted to your mask.

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