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Exclusive African wooden mask, 'Bateke tribe", unique specimen

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Exclusive African mask "Bateke tribe", single piece

A very unusual art object is this mask made of Kola Wood, which comes from Cameroon. As a single piece it surely will let the heart of every collector and Africa fan beat a little faster.

Decorative wooden mask made of Kola Wood

This beautiful mask is a real asset for any apartment. The wooden mask was carved by an artist from the Bateke tribe, which lives in Central Africa.

The Bateke originally lived in the estuary of the Kasai river meeting the Congo and made a living of fishing, agriculture and hunting. From the 15th century onwards they became successful traders and used the rivers as transport routes. Their empire was decentralized and held together by kings. The power was distributed to local chiefs.
Masks of this type were originally used to worship the sun. They were used to appease the sun god - hence the round shape.

Mask for hanging or display on a stand

You can use the Bateke mask as a precious wall decoration. If you really want to place them in a representative way, we recommend that you order the appropriate stand with it. The stands were made exclusively for us from iron steel and are perfectly adapted for your mask. So the beauty of this African mask comes to its advantage.

Dimensions: approx. 29 x 4 cm
Weight: approx. 850 g
Delivery without stand (available for an additional fee)

Single piece of pure manual work

Please note that this mask was crafted in Cameroon. Because it is a single piece, you get exactly the mask shown here. Please note that the delivery time is extended by about 2-3 working days if you order the appropriate stand, as it is specially adapted to your mask.


  • beautiful African mask
  • from the Bateke tribe
  • pure handiwork from Cameroon
  • dimensions: approx. 29 x 4 cm

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