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Bracelet "Coconut Dream"

Item number MSX0033-00

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Bracelet "Coconut Dream"

This fancy bracelet "Coconut Dream" is going to be gazed at and people will envy you for it. This original and pretty bracelet was made of coconut shells in Kenya and by hand lovingly and in extensive work decorated with great patterns.

Different jewellery dreams to choose

Every piece of this jewellery is unique due to handcraft and no exemplar is like the others. Anyhow you have the possibility to choose from different designs and patterns. Decide easily in favour of the jewellery you like the most with the help of the item choice options. As trendy accessory the coconut bracelet is a great jewellery in the latest ethno style.

Diameter: 7 cm

Pure handcraft made in Kenya

This great jewellery is handmade in Kenya. You are going to wear a pure piece of African handcraft around your wrist.  So there might be differences between the pictures and descriptions regarding measurements, patterns, colours and shape.