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Wooden figure "springbok"

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Wooden figure "springbok"

With this gorgeous handmade wooden figure "Springbok" you get the national animal of South Africa. Made from one piece of wood this antelope is a real African enrichment for every apartment.

Springbok in different colours

Every springbok is handmade in Kenya. In order that the antelope as wooden figure matches perfectly your furniture in your living room, you can choose between the colours "nature" and "redbrown". When you choose "redbrown" you get the springbok in a dark red-brown-tone which appears nearly as classy as cherry tree.

Measurements: 30 x 11 x 5 cm

Pure handcraft made in Kenya

Please note that the wooden figure "springbok" is made in pure handcraft in Kenya. So there might be differences in the pictures and descriptions regarding measurements, colours and patterns.


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