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Wild at Art "Leopard"

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"Leopard" made of wire and beads

This stunning leopard of the art series "Wild at Art" as a decoration object is an acquired taste. This extraordinary exactly worked and almost true- to -life reproduced leopard elevates the South African Township Art to the art Olympus. 

Decoration leopard as limited collector's item

The decoration leopard of this series is limited to a number of 500 worldwide. Only one selected artist in South Africa provides for such high quality. In his hand an art work is created of beads and wire which offers unequalled opportunities in its accuracy and format. Every bead and every wire of this leopard is at the right place. In extensive for days on end hand craft a real at work made in South Africa is created. 

Big cat as an extraordinary decoration

With this predator as a decoration object you will definitely earn the stunning and admiring looks of your guests. Not only a great decoration from South Africa but a real art work.

Measurements: around 33 x 9 x 18 cm

Pure hand craft made in South Africa

Every fascinating tall animal is made in extensive hard work by an South African artist. So there might be differences in pictures and descriptions regarding measurements, colours, shapes and design.

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