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Wall decoration "Zulu Shield", approx. 100 cm

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Wall decoration "Zulu Shield," ca. 100 cm

This great extra large wall decoration "Zulu Shield" is a real piece of traditional African decoration in your home.

Select your personal colour tendency

Each ensemble consists of a fur shield, a small spear and two traditional insignia of the Zulus. Covered with fur a Zulu shield is always absolutely unique. As each cow is individual, you have the option to choose the colour tendency of your shield (subject to availability).

The cowhide needed for those shields makes up nearly half a cow. In addition, it causes very high transportation costs to get it from South Africa to Germany due to its size. The African shield is modeled according to the traditional weapons of the Zulu tribe in South Africa and brings a genuine piece of African life into your home.

Total length including Zulu weapons: about 100 cm
Shield length: 60 cm
Shield width : 38 cm
Weight: 1,300 g

Supplied without wall mounting.

African Zulu shields are entirely handmade

Since each of these decorative shields is made individually by hand, variations in size, shape, pattern, color and design with regard to images and descriptions are possible.


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