Kapula dinner candle "Fynbos", 12 cm

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Kapula dinner candle "Fynbos", 12 cm

This beautiful, handmade "Fynbos" dinner candle with its great motifs of various South African fynbos plants immediately bathes your home in warm, African light.

Best quality from South Africa

Capula candles are known far beyond the borders of South Africa. Manufactured in Bredasdorp, near Cape Town, the candles now inspire people all over the world because of their dreamlike colors and handcrafted patterns. In addition, Kapula candles are characterized by their excellent burning properties.

Each candle is individual, different colors available

Since the Kapula candles are purely handmade, the motif of each candle is individual, but based on the theme. Depending on availability, you also have the option of choosing between different basic colors of the candle. So each candle becomes a dreamy unique piece and a beautiful and extraordinary Africa decoration.

Dimensions: approx. 2 x 12 cm

Handcrafted candles

Please note that each of these candles is entirely handmade in South Africa. Deviations in terms of patterns, shapes and colors from the descriptions and pictures are therefore possible.

  • handmade candle "Fynbos"
  • Dimensions: approx. 2 x 12 cm
  • with individual fynbos plant motifs
  • best quality from South Africa

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