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Table cloth "Mali Tablecloth African Sparkle"

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Table cloth "Mali Tablecloth African Symmetrics"

With this gorgeous table cloth from Mali in warm beige tones with black sparkle and  visual shell motifsyou whip some real African flair on your dining room table. These stunning table cloths are a real rarity and practically not available in Germany! 

A unique table cloth

The painted patterns of every table cloth are unique but similar to the patterns on the descriptions. So every table cloth is real unique. Look forward to a piece of a real piece of Africa which nobody else has! With your order you get exactly the item which is pictured and descripted here. The table cloth consists of rough burlap and will form a dreamlike contrast to your European furnishing. 

Nothing is perfect!

These stunning Mali table cloths is coloured and painted in pure handcraft. The edges are on purpose not looped because the imperfection is system: the handmade table cloths are designed for being not "European perfectly" and to be put straight on your dining room table. Just be out of the line and put the table cloth asymmetrically diagonal on your table. You will see: The effect of this gorgeous blanket as great African table decoration is dazzling! 

Also usable as table runner

The Mali table cloths is sewed in single alleys à 13 cm before its coloured and painted. So you have the possibility to rip the table cloth at the seams and create table runner with 163 x 35 cm. Please note that symbols and bigger paintings might be separated. Measurements: 163 x 106 cm (it might vary around +/- 10%). Maintenance instructions:

  • hand wash or
  • machine wash wool wash program with 15 degrees 
  • light-duty detergent
  • iron on the wrong side

Every table is unique

Please note that every table cloth in Mali is made and painted in pure handcraft. There might be differences in pictures and descriptions regarding measurements, shapes, colours and patterns.

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