Please note the following current information:

  • Austria: Due to changes in the Austrian Packaging Ordinance, we are unfortunately unable to deliver any more orders to Austria since January 1st, 2023. For smaller companies, the associated costs are disproportionate to the sales generated.
  • DHL is currently charging crisis surcharges for shipments to many countries in the World 2 and World 3 regions, so that the postage costs for deliveries to these countries have increased significantly in some cases. Of course, we will lower the prices immediately as soon as DHL no longer calculates the crisis surcharges.
  • For shipments to Great Britain, the shipping service providers charge a Brexit surcharge. For this reason, the prices given in the following tables for the destination England/Great Britain increase by €5.90 each.

Delivery Costs

African Attitude ships its products by parcel on good terms. Here you can find an overview of the incurring costs for postage:

Small items that weigh a maximum of 1000g in total and measure no more than 30 x 20 x 4 cm (possibly also totaled) can be sent to you within Germany as Warenpost at the low price of only EUR 3.90.

For postage within Germany we charge 6.90€ shipping for each order, irrespectively whether the articles have to be sent in more than one parcel for logistic or organisational reasons. Any subsequent delivery is free of shipping costs for you. The shipping to German DHL "Packstationen" is also possible.

Orders exceeding a value of 70,00 € are shipped within Germany even free of shipping costs.

If your order includes products that can only be delivered to persons over the age of 16 or 18, the postman will carry out a visual verification of age upon delivery of the item to ensure that the recipient older of the package has reached the legally required age limit. This additional service increases the postage for orders up to 50 euros. to €7.90. This service is only available within Germany. Unfortunately, it is not possible to ship alcoholic beverages abroad.

The usual delivery time within Germany is 5-8 working days.

Delivery abroad depends on the country destination and the chosen shipping method and can take 5 - 30 days.

Deliveries abroad

Apart from Germany we ship our products to the countries listed in the following table. If your country is not listed, please send us a short message - we will integrate your home country into our system in no time!

The shipping costs for deliveries abroad depend on the weight and size of the shipment, if applicable.

Depending on the weight, size and value of the item(s) ordered, we offer you the particularly inexpensive Warenpost (trackable, liability up to 20 € *) as a shipping method. Please note that these shippings are trackable, but not insured. The shipping costs in these cases are:

Shipping asEUNon-EU
Warenpost M up to 1000g 13.90 € inkl. 19% VAT 15.90 € VAT free

* countries with liability and tracking: EU: Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Non EU: Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, Russian Federation, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, USA

The shipping costs for shipping by parcel can be found in the following table. Please add 49€ for dedicated bulk goods.

ZoneCountryup to 2 kg, parcelup to 5 kg, parcelup to 10 kg, parcelup to 20 kg, parcelup to 31,5 kg, parcel
Europe 1 Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Luxemburg, Monaco, Poland, The Netherlands 16,90€ 19,90€ 24,90€ 35,90€ 46,90€
Europe 2 (EU/Nicht-EU) Hungary, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom 17,90€ 20,90€ 26,90€ 35,90€ 45,90€
Europe 3 Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Romania 18,90€ 21,90€ 26,90€ 36,90€ 48,90€
Europe 1 (non-EU) Liechtenstein, Switzerland 24,90€ 27,90€ 32,90€ 42,90€ 52,90€
Europe 3 (non-EU) Iceland, Norway 25,90€ 30,90€ 38,90€ 55,90€ 76,90€
World 1 Israel, Turkey 35,90€ 43,90€ 57,90€ 86,90€ 120,90€
World 2 Canada (incl. DHL crisis surcharge) 50,90€ 74,90€ 116,90€ 199,90€ 296,90€
World 2 Singapore (incl. DHL crisis surcharge) 48,90€ 71,90€ 107,90€ 184,90€ 271,90€
World 2 USA (incl. DHL crisis surcharge) 50,90€ 75,90€ 118,90€ 206,90€ 304,90€
World 3 Argentina, Burkina Faso, Kenya 58,90€ 79,90€ 118,90€ 194,90€ 279,90€
World 3 Australia (incl. DHL crisis surcharge) 69,90€ 106,90€ 172,90€ 299,90€ 444,90€
World 3 Brasil, South Africa (incl. DHL crisis surcharge) 64,90€ 94,90€ 148,90€ 252,90€ 369,90€

Please note that it is only possible to ship particularly bulky items within the EU. The shipping costs listed within the EU include 19% VAT, those outside the EU are VAT-free.

For customers outside the EU may - apart from the price of the articles and the shipping costs - incur further costs in connection with the customs clearance. Please inform yourself in case of doubt about the amount of the expected cost at your custom authorities

Your country is not listed in the table above? Then please address to our customer service. We will gladly assist you.

To learn which forms of payment are available for our foreign clients, please refer to our notes on methods of payments. Ordering and paying with African Attitude is safe and easy.

You´ve still got a question about African Attitude? Please feel free to drop us a message via our contact form. Or call us toll-free (within Germany): 0800 - 24 100 24.

Your African Attitude-Team