African Attitude

Salad servers "Twisted"

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Salad servers "Twisted"

Bring African style to your dining room table - with these great salad servers "Twisted" made from robust olive wood with various carved animal motifs. The set consisting of a salad fork and a salad spoon is handmade in Kenya. For the end of the handle, artistic animal heads are worked out from the wood.

Pure manual work from Africa

Especially the bend handles of the salad cutlery that was carved in elaborate handcraft are really fascinating.

Each of these beautiful and fancy table accessories is manufactured in Kenya by hand. So each of these salad servers is uniques. Look forward to such a great African table decoration for your dining room table. Your guests will love it!

Salad servers with different motifs

Each wooden cutlery is decorated with African animal motifs at the end of the handle. Please make your selection between the specified motives - and look forward, to be able to enjoy Africa soon while eating.

Dimensions: approx. 27 x 8 x 2 cm

Wooden cutlery - pure handmade

Because each of these wooden cutlery is pure manual work, variations in size, shape, patterns and colours from descriptions and illustrations are possible.

  • Salad servers made of olive wood
  • with bended handle
  • mass: approx. 27 x 8 x 2 cm
  • available with different animal designs
  • handcrafted in Kenya

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