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Richard Francis Burton - journey into the heart of Africa

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Richard Francis Burton - journey into the heart of Africa

Not without reason the British officer Richard Francis Burton is seen as one of the greatest explorers and world travelers. He spoke 30 languages, and is said to have been highly intelligent and tough - but at the same time as arrogant and lonely.

When he started his great expedition to Africa in 1857, he had no lower target than to solve a thousand-year-old puzzle: where is the source of the Nile?

On more than 140 pages with numerous illustrations and photos, Peter Laufmann tells the fascinating story of the exceptional discoverer and connects the magnificent nature of East Africa with his life in an unparalleled way.

About the author

Peter Laufmann has studied forest science and journalism in Göttingen. Although he has kept his passion for the forest, he became journalist. Today, he writes for various media and works as an editor for the environmental magazine natur + cosmos.

Format: approx. 27 x 23 cm

Content: 144 pages

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