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Recycling "motor scooter"

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Recycling "motor scooter"

Not only "scooter enthusiasts" hearts will beat faster at the sight of this great, lovingly recreated Scooter, because these scooters inspire with their elaborate details and great workmanship. Here Township Art presents its best side. This scooter is manufactured in great township handicraft from recycled cans and other metals. The wheels are made of crown corks, and the body is stuck and soldered with a lot of effort.

"Vespa cans" in different versions

The scooters are available in various colour trends. Please make your selection in the product options. This scooter is a beautiful decoration idea - and of course the first choice when looking for unusual gift ideas for scooter fans.

Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 4 cm

Artfully crafted in Madagascar

Each vehicle is unique because it is made by hand in Madagascar. Therefore variations in size, color and design in regards of the descriptions and pictures are possible.

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