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Rainbow Doll, medium

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Rainbow Doll, medium

Tradition meets modernity: With the decorative "Rainbow Doll" you can bring a piece of modern, self-confident Africa as a decoration into your home. The extraordinary combination of traditional and modern materials, confident and cheerful colors as well as typical patterns of the African continent make the "rainbow doll" a real eye-catcher in every apartment.

Modern colors and traditional patterns

The figure's body takes on the shape of the naturally grown wood. This creates a unique piece of handicraft with every doll that will attract the attention of your guests. To decorate the body and hat, the South African artisans use typical colors and patterns from local tribes, such as the Ndebele tribe, who have become known far beyond the borders of South Africa for their wealth of shapes and colors.

For the jewelry applications on the neck and ears, stainless steel is used as a contrast to the traditionally used wood, which, thanks to its glossy texture, emphasizes the value of this extraordinary figure.

Depending on availability, the wooden figures are available in various modern colors. Please make your selection based on the product options.

Height: approx. 42 - 44 cm
Width: approx. 8 - 9 cm
Depth: approx. 5 - 7 cm

Wooden figures made by hand for you

Please note that the Rainbow Dolls are figures from Africa that have been made entirely by hand for you. Deviations from images and descriptions in terms of shape, colors, sizes, etc. are therefore possible. The figures are intended for indoor use only.

  • modern wooden figure with traditional patterns
  • with jewelry applications made of stainless steel
  • approx. 43 cm tall (+/- 2 cm)
  • pure handcraft from South Africa
  • different colors to choose from

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