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Necklace "Shining Cross"

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Necklace "Shining Cross"

Looks like metal - though it´s stone! This cross necklace will catch people´s attention for sure! Because the material looks like polished metal. In reality, it is hematite stone that has been specially handcrafted in Kenya. A real eye-catcher for any wardrobe.


Necklaces in various designs

Each necklet with cross pendant is individually made and has little quirks. But you have the possibility to choose between three different versions of the cross:

  • without motive
  • with Jesus figure on the cross
  • with faux gemstone in the cross
Please choose therefore your favorite design based on the product options. A small screw cap closes the necklace in the neck securely.

Length: approx 41 cm
Extent of the cross: about 3.3 x 2.2 cm


Entirely handmade from Kenya

Each necklace with cross is made entirely by hand in Kenya from hematite stone. So you will war a real piece of African craftsmanship around your neck. Please note that there may be slight variations in size, length, colour and design in regard to illustrations and description, as these fashion jewelry is not made by machine, but by hand.