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Necklace "Beads and metal", orange

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Necklace "Beads and metal", orange

The fancy necklace "beads and metal" in orange will surely attract the sights. In the current ethno-style it is made of orange plastic beads, alternating with small, artistic applications of metal.

In addition, the entire necklace is provided with small, black beads. This ladies necklace is handmade in Kenya and will surely match your wardrobe.


Necklaces in different versions

Each piece of fashion jewellery is individually handmade and offers small peculiarities. Therefore please choose your personal achievement according to the product options. The necklace can be closed with a small lock.

Length: approx. 48 cm


Pure handcrafted in Kenya

Each necklace is handmade in Kenya. A real piece of African art to wear around your neck. Please keep in mind that there can be small variations in terms of size, length, colours and design to illustration and descriptions, because this fashion jewellery is not machine made, but in pure handwork.