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Necklace "Beads and Medaillon"

Item number MSX0065-00-12

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Necklace "beads and medallion"

The necklace from East Africa with different beads in orange and black is decorated with a large silver metal medallion.


Necklace from East Africa

The Kenyan medallion necklace is rather short to enable you to wear it close to the neck so that the jewellery will look good even when you wear slightly higher clothing. The chain is closed with a practical twist lock. Weighing 20g, it is a real lightweight, you'll hardly notice you're wearing.

Total length of the ladies chain: 45cm
Diameter of the medallion: 6 cm


Crafts from East Africa

Each necklace with medaillon is made entirely by hand in Kenya. Hence, there may be differences in terms of sizes, patterns and colours to the pictures and descriptions.