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Nativity Set "Zululand Christmas"

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Nativity Set "Zululand Christmas"

This nativity set "Zuzuland Christmas" from KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa is absolutely exceptional and truly African. Made in pure handicraft and adapted to the traditional Zulu dolls, the artists have created an extraordinary nativity scene.

Symbiosis between tradition and Christianity

Missionaries of various denominations arrived in Zululand during the early days of white settlement, introducing Christianity to the Zulu people. Today, amongst other popular Religious denominations in Zululand, is the Zionist Church, which is a separatist church that blends traditional African and Christian beliefs and rituals, producing a new religious form adapted to African needs.

Self-help for Zulu women

Many small self-help projects have developed in recent years in order to uplift the Zulu women and help to supplement their incomes whilst they are able to remain at home, continuing to tend their children as well as household and traditional chores.

One such self-help group is Kwa Zigi Gimi, situated in Northern KwaZulu. This area borders on Swaziland and Mozambique to the North, and the Indian Ocean to the East. The Zulu ladies of Kwa Zigi Gimi specialize in hand-making beaded dolls, and from the traditional Fertility Dolls to Sangoma dolls, they have expanded their art-form to include these charming Nativity Dolls, representing Mary (Maria), Joseph (Josefa) and Baby Jesus (Jesu).

Nativity sets in different colours

The handmade nativity figures are available in different colours: Please make your choice according to the product options. The figures are packed in a practical gift box with window. A small leaflet in German and English informs about the origin and production of the figures.

Size of the box: approx. 25 x 18 x 7 cm
Joseph: approx. 15 x 10 x 5 cm
Mary: approx. 14 x 7 x 5 cm
Crib with Jesus: approx. 10 x 9 x 7 cm

Pure handwork from South Africa

Please note that each of these enchanting Christmas decorations is handmade in South Africa. Minor deviations from pictures and descriptions in size, colour and design are therefore possible.

  • Nativity set from South Africa
  • Joseph, Mary and Jesus in the crib
  • pure handwork, available in different colours
  • traditional dolls made of straw, fabric and beads

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