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Mrs. H.S. Ball´s Hot Chutney

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Mrs. H.S. Ball's Hot Chutney

A hot specialty from South Africa! Bring spice to your dishes - with the South African Hot Chutney of Mrs. HS Balls.

A South African Institution

The original South African Chutneys are a delicious deli-fruit sauce on the basis of peaches and apricots. The original recipe is about 150 years old. Today, this fruit sauce is a culinary institution in South Africa.

In the production in a resource-conserving practice only fruits of the highest quality classes are used.

A sauce for all occasions

The South African fruit sauce goes perfectly well with all meat and meat dishes, as a sauce for fondue and raclette, as a marinade for fish or meat, with pasta, as barbecue sauce... The applications are incredibly diverse. Alone therefore this chutney should be present in every household. But particularly good this sauce tastes also with the typical cape malayian dish Bobotie.

Quantity: 470 g / 375ml


Sugar, water, spirit vinegar, 12% peaches, 4% apricots, modified corn starch, salt, Worch ester sauce (water, spirit vinegar, molasses, sugar, dye sulphite ammonia caramel, salt, onions, garlic, chili peppers), dye sulphite ammonia caramel, chili peppers, antioxidant sulphur dioxide.

Country of origin: South Africa

May contain traces of milk, eggs, soy, gluten.

Nutritional information

  100 g Chutney contain on average
calorific value 723kJ / 170 kcal
Fat - total 0 g
     of saturated fatty acids 0 g
carbohydrates - total 41 g
     of sugar 39 g
dietary fibre 0.7 g
protein 1.2 g
salt 1.2 g


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