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Ladies necklace "Mombasa"

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Ladies necklace "Mombasa"

Exceptionally, precious and delicate at the same time is this fantastic ladies necklace "Mombasa". By its short form the five round metal frames made of brass are on your cleavage well.

Necklace in various colours

In addition to the shiny shimmering metal applications, the colliers are decorated by black and some coloured plastic beads. You can determine the colour of the beads in the dropdown menu.

A small metal ring closes the short women's Necklace in the neck. The entire length of the necklaces on the side of the brass jewellery is covered with black beads.

Length: 40 cm
Height of metal applications: approx. 8 cm

Pure handicraft from Kenya

Each of these necklaces is made in pure handicraft in Kenya. So you wear a real piece of Kenyan handicrafts. Deviations with regard to size, shape, colours and patterns to illustrations and descriptions are possible due to the pure handwork.