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Flower vase "Tinwork"

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Flower vase "Tinwork"

"I was once a can"  that is what this flower vase would say if it could speak.


The flower vases made of beverages cans

Made of used beverages cans such flower vases bring an African attitude to life and a real piece of "Township Art" to your living room table. The vases are coated with gummed sheets from the inside however the sheets are sewed up with the outside skin. So that is the reason why the vase cannot be filled with water! 


Perfectly suited for dry flowers

The flower vases are exclusively designed for dry flowers. Alternatively you can put a glass ware on the bottom of the vase which you can use to provide your cut flowers with fresh water. Somehow or other this townshipart is an eye catcher and a great decoration from South Africa.

height: 21 cm
Diameter: 11.5 cm


Every vase is unique

 These extraordinary vases are made of recycled materials in pure handcraft in South Africa. So there might be little differences in pictures and descriptions regarding measurements, colours and designs.

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