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Decoration tree "Baobab", large

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Decoration tree "Baobab", large

An extraordinary African decoration idea is this Baobab tree from Kenya, which is completely made of banana leaves.

Typical decorative trees from Africa

Probably every Africa traveler knows the baobab tree, which one encounters in central and southern Africa. Most fascinating of these trees are their massiveness, the typical size and bald crown.

The Baobab in the legend of the San

San bushmen tell that the baobab tree was growing with its foliage of the other plants, which could not get into the sunlight anymore. Then God turned around the tree, so the other plants would not have to stand in his shadow. And indeed do these trees look as if they stretch their roots out into the sky.

You now have the chance to have a model of these beautiful decorative trees in your home. Each of these decoration trees is made ??entirely by hand from countless banana leaves in Kenya and is a really extraordinary Africa decoration.

Dimensions: approx. 37 x 14 cm

Entirely handmade from Kenya

Please note that these banana leaf trees are handmade in Kenya. Small variations in size, colour or design to the specified dimensions and images are possible.


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