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Coasters 'Ostrich egg', set of 6

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Coasters 'Ostrich egg' (set of 6)

These fantastic coasters 'Ostrich Egg' which are entirely made by hand, will not only save your table from ugly stains - they are also a real eye-catcher and an asset to any lovingly decorated table.


Drinks coasters from ostrich egg shards

Each and every one of these great beverage coasters is made in Cape Town by hand from ostrich egg shards. The underside of the coasters consists of black-coloured wood. Your guests will be thrilled with this great table decoration!


Drink coasters in a set of 6 for your dining table

The hand-made coasters are supplied in a set of 6 pieces. If you wish, you may also find sets of 4 pieces in our product range. The different patterns prove that this product is purely handmade in South Africa.

Dimensions: approx. 10 x 10 x 0.5 cm


Pure handcraft from South Africa

Minor deviations with regard to size, shapes and colours to the images and descriptions are inevitable, since it is pure handwork.

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