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Bracelet "Twelve Apostles"

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Bracelet "Twelve Apostles"

 This unbelievable beautiful lady's bracelet "Twelve Apostles" is an absolute exclusive piece of jewellery for a lady. You will be sold on it and surely you never want to be separated from this gorgeous bracelet again.


Filigree handcraft with countless beads

For these gorgeous bracelets countless small glass beads of highest quality are processed to little triangles before they are assembled to a bracelet. For this classy piece of jewellery you will be definitely envied by your friends.


Materials of highest quality

 The bracelets "Twelve Apostles" are made in extensive handcraft in South Africa. Exclusively finest glass beads of highest quality are used for these bracelets. Countless small and finest beads are threaded on high quality nylon strings manually for this gorgeous piece of jewellery and are processed to a real artwork. This bracelet "Twelve Apostles" presents itself as unique, distinctively - and absolute classy, which you can close with a carabineer. And because we and our supplier are totally sure of the quality we issue a guarantee of a year for this bracelet  - when the item is proper used. Due to the carabineer you can vary the length between 19 and 21 cm.


Pure handcraft made in South Africa

 Please note that this exclusive costume jewellery is exclusively made in pure handcraft in South Africa. So there might be differences in pictures and descriptions regarding measurements, length, colours and design.