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Ashtray "Firewood"

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Ashtray "Firewood"

Practical and decorative presents itself this ashtray "Firewood" from Kenya.

Wooden ashtray with an antique look

The rustic, round ashtray is handcrafted in Kenya from jacaranda wood and provided with patterns and scorch marks in an antique look. Thus, each ashtray is individually designed and a unique accessory for every smoker or Africa fan.

Dimensions: approx. 12 x 5 cm

Practical table accessory - handmade

Please note that it is this product is entirely handmade. Variations in size, patterns, shapes and colours with regard to images and descriptions are possible.

  • ashtray made from Jacaranda wood
  • with individual patterns in antique look
  • approx. 12 cm diameter
  • handmade from Kenya