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Tealight holder "Zulu", medium

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Tealight holder "Zulu", medium

This handmade tea light holder is made of a real, big Monkey Orange and decorated with great African patterns and painted in lively colours. Every tealight holder is designed a little differently. As a great African decoration, it is a real eye-catcher on every dining room or coffee table. From the first moment he also dips your living room or your dining table in comforting warmth and spreads African atmosphere.

The hand-painted Monkey Orange captivates with its beautiful, African shades. To accommodate a conventional tealight a corresponding holder made of plastic is inserted in the top.

Each candle holder is unique

Monkey Oranges or Monkey Apples are the dried fruits of the "Green Monkey Orange". The fascinating fruits grow in the north of South Africa and are processed by local craftsmen in elaborate handwork for decoration purposes.

Diameter: approx. 10 cm
Delivery including tealight

Pure handcraft from South Africa

Please note that the tealight holder is handmade in South Africa. Deviations in size, colours or patterns of the specified dimensions and images are possible.