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Soapstone bowl "Rhino", small

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Soapstone bowl "Rhino", small

A pretty African decoration is this soapstone bowl with Rhino Design. Available in different colours, each dish is unique and unmistakable.

The bowls are handmade from stone in Kenya and painted with loving care. Please note that this product should be protected from intense sunlight, else the colours may fade.

Individual bowls - hand painted - in different colour trends

Each motif of the stone bowls "rhino" is individual, so that no bowl equals any other. Simply a fantastic table decoration. Please make your selection based on product options.

Size: about 10 x 2 cm

Entirely handmade from Kenya

This rhino bowl was made with exquisite craftsmanship in Kenya. Each bowl is unique, so that differences in terms of colours, designs and motifs usually are inevitable.