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Stone vase "Ornaments", brown

Item number HWT0166-03-13

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Stone vase "Ornaments", brown

The exclusive stone vase "Ornaments" with its slim shape is the ideal flower vase for small, slender flower bouquets or single flowers.


A great table decoration: the Kenya flower vase

This vase fascinates anybody, as it is produced in pure handicraft out of soapstone. With their individual, hand-crafted patterns it is outstanding as a great table decoration and will offer your flowers the perfect place to be. Each flower vase is unique and individually due to the pure handwork.


Handmade stone vase

The flower vase is handmade in Kenya out of soapstone. This great original decoration brings modern and African ambiance in each apartment. Surely your visitores will envy you for this great African decoration!

Height: approx. 15 cm
Diameter: approx. 7 cm


Each stone vase "Ornaments" is hand work

Please note that this flower vase is individually handmade. The colors and patterns vary in general, so that each vase is an absolute one-off. In addition small deviations in terms of size, patterns and shapes in comparison to pictures and descriptions are possible.