African Attitude

Apron "Africa's animal kingdom"

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Apron "African animal kingdom"

This hand-painted apron "Africa's animal kingdom" is the absolute eye-catcher! So you're dressed well - and African - when cooking and serving. And probably your favorite dishes will taste even twice as good as before.

The aprons are made of 100% cotton and feature a top open front pocket, a lace which lets you drag it over the head, as well as two straps to close it on the back.


Apron with African animal designs - hand painted

The apron is adorned by various African animals and colourful patterns. Yet each of these aprons is unique and the pattern and arrangement of subjects is always different. You get a real hand-painted unique piece! On the basis of the selection options, choose the apron you prefer in the preview image.

Dimensions: approx. 82 x 61 cm


Care instructions:

  • Hand wash with lukewarm water
  • use only mild soap or detergent
  • dry and iron from reverse


The apron is purely handmade

Please note that the aprons with African animal designs are completely hand painted. Therefore, all aprons of this motif vary in colours, shapes, motifs and arrangement. For your selection please refer to the preview image.