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Jewellery brooch "Bee"

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Jewellery Brooch "Bee"

This small pretty bee as jewellery brooch is a great small accessories for your wardrobe. The small insect is made in pure handcraft of costume jewellery beads in South Africa. So every brooch is really unique.


Jewellery brooch "bee": Costume jewellery from South Africa

The small jewellery brooch "bee" is a real piece of South Africa art craftwork. It matches light and dark one coloured clothes perfectly and will definitely be the eye catcher of the night at the next party.

Measurement: 3 x 3 cm


Every jewellery brooch "bee" is made in pure handcraft

Because every brooch is made in pure handcraft in South Africa there might be little differences in pictures and descriptions regarding measurements, shapes, colours and design.