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Jewellery bracelet "Iona Cloisters"

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Jewellery bracelet "Iona Cloisters"

This bracelet "Iona Cloisters"  is  jewellery made in perfection by South African artists! For this classy bracelet all your friends will envy you.

Only material of highest quality 

"Iona Cloisters" is made in extensive handcraft in South Africa. Exclusively finest glass beads of highest quality are used. For this stunning bracelet uncounted small, fine beads are laced on high quality nylon threads by hand and a real artwork is created. Unique, distinctively - and absolutely classy "Iona Cloisters" is presenting itself. And because we and our provider are totally positive about the quality of our product we give a - year- guarantee on this lady bracelet assumed the product is used in the intended way.

"Iona Cloisters" as lady jewellery  is available in two lengths and different colours: 

  • M:  20 cm long
  • L: 23 cm long 

Additionally "Iona Cloisters" also has a safety chain so the bracelet can not be slip from your wrist by accident.

Pure handcraft made in South Africa

  Please note that this exclusive bracelet is only made in pure handcraft in South Africa. So there might be little differences regarding pictures and descriptions regarding measurements, lengths, colours and design.