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Key fob "Drum"

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Key fob "Drum"

This funny little key chain drum is made of wood with intricate leather - and string applications - and is guaranteed to look excellent on your keychain!

Keychain as a gift

The miniature drum is handmade from wood and leather in Kenya. So it's not just a great ornament to your keyring, but also ideal for someone looking for unusual gift ideas.

Small drums as arts and crafts

The fine, elaborate processing of the drum ground and fells made of leather is the most fascinating aspect for this new companion to your keychain. Wrapped in pure handicraft with fine threads, these miniature drums look nearly as perfect as their big brothers and sisters.

The key fobs are available in two different colours. Please make your choice in the product options between brown and black.

Dimensions: approx. 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm

Each key ring is pure handmade

Because each key ring pendant is crafted originally in Kenya, slight variations in size, colour and  form in regards to of the images and descriptions are possible.