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Recycling model car "Trabi", multicoloured

Item number CTX0028-02-11

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Recycling model car "Trabi", multicoloured

Not only at "Trabifans" should beat the heart at the sight of these great, faithfully reproduced cars. Because these cult Trabis inspire with their elaborate details and great workmanship. Here Township-Art presents itself from its best side. This great Township model car is made in the most elaborate handmade from recycled cans and other metals. The wheels are formed by crown corks and the body is glued and soldered with much effort.

 Recycling model "Trabi" in the classic GDR version

The fancy model cars are available in the classic form with a closed cab, as they were built from 1957 to 1991 in the former GDR. This cult car is a beautiful deco idea - and of course the first choice if you are looking for gift ideas for a car- and Trabifan.

Dimensions: about 8 x 3 x 4 cm

Weight: 35 g

Artful handwork from Madagascar

Each car is unique because it is made by hand in Madagascar. As a result, deviations in size, colours and execution of the descriptions and images are possible.