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Recycling lady handbag "Carrie"

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Recycling lady handbag "Carrie"

The lady handbag is for a demeanoured lady: with immediate effect you have been long enough annoyed about seeing the same lady handbag which you are wearing at another woman while shopping or going to the theatre.

Your handbag "Carrie" is unique

With this classy and absolutely unique lady handbag you will get immediately admiring looks. Because nobody will own exactly the same bag as you do - because every bag is a handmade unique piece of art from South Africa. Unbelievable but true: all lady handbags are made of used paper. The recycling paper is cut in neat channels, sealed with adhesive film and braided. So every handbag has an own unmistakable pattern. 

Lady handbag with enough space for everything important

This classy recycling bag is featured with a magnetic lock and a pendant to open and offers enough space for all the important things of life. The strap consists of a small plastic tube and lies convenient in your hand. Because every lady handbag is made of used paper in pure handcraft it is only possible to choose between colour tendencies as a colour selection. Basically every bag is stained and colourful.

Measurements: 23.5 x 14.5 x 2.5 cm

Every bag is pure handcraft of South Africa

Because the "Carries" are made in pure handcraft completely of recycling materials there might be differences in pictures and descriptions regarding measurements, colours and patterns. So therefore every bag is absolute unique.