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Doll "Venda with Baby", 27 cm

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Doll "Venda mit Baby", 27 cm

This wonderful and decorative collection doll with  a baby is featured in the style of the Venda's tribe in South Africa. The handmade dolls are wearing the traditional clothes of the Venda women whose tribe lives in the North of South Africa, at the border to Zimbabwe. The colourful clothes are individually for every African doll while you can choose between two colours for the baby's wrap.

Every collection doll is made in traditional handcraft

Every handmade doll is wearing an individually colourful clothes plus a fitting head cloth. In the stola or the wrap the venda woman is wearing her baby on the back. Additionally the dolls are decorated with beads and necklaces. "Venda with Baby" is a great  Africa decoration with a real tradition.

Measurement: 27 cm high

Every collection doll "venda with baby" is made in pure handcraft in South Africa

Every doll is made in pure handcraft by South African artists. So there might be little differences in pictures and descriptions regarding measurements, colours, shapes and designs.