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Candle "Zulu Afripot"

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Candle "Zulu Afripot"

A real piece of Zulu work is necessary for this pretty small candle "Zulu Afripot". This pot made of potter's clay is a small reproduction of a Zulu beer mug and a sign of sharing. Every singular wax candle is made in pure handcraft in KwaZulu - Natal in South African by women.


Candles with clay pots are unique 

 Because every pot is painted manually so every pattern is individually and therefore is every Zulu candle with clay pot unique. If the wax is coming to an end you can put a tea light there instead practically - and furthermore you can enjoy with the cute small table decoration the atmosphere of South Africa in your living room.

Diameter: 6.5 cm


Pure handcraft made in South Africa

  Please note that there might be differences in pictures and descriptions regarding measurements, shapes, colours and patterns because every candle is made in pure handcraft.