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Ceramic figures "African woman and baby", large

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Ceramic figure "African woman and baby", large

With the ceramic figures "African woman with her child" real born-and-bred South African will move into your home because this woman from South Africa is wearing her nursling on her back just in the traditional way. The ceramic figures are not only popular among collectors but are also a great and stunning African decoration


Statuettes in individual colours 

The pretty ceramic figures are hand made n South Africa. Thereby every figure wears clothes in different colours so every African woman is absolute unique.


"African lady with child" made in a small manufacture

The ceramic figure is made in extensive hand craft in a small manufacture in South Africa. This great original decoration from South Africa will bring some colour to your apartment. You will be definitely envied for this pretty lady from Africa by some of your guests.

Measurements: around 21 x 6 x 6 cm


Ceramic figures pure hand craft 

Please note that every Africa ceramic is made in pure hand craft individually. The colours vary for all figures so every figure is absolute unique. Additionally there might be little differences in pictures and descriptions regarding measurements, patterns and shapes.