African Attitude

Wooden animal "Sitting Zebra"

Item number SAX0020-03-07

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Wooden animal "Sitting Zebra"

This pretty and decorative wooden animal "sitting zebra" sits patiently and well behaved on the edge of your shelf and let you dream of Africa.  The great thing about this zebra: its not made in industrial mass production in China but is a handcarved original decoration from Africa.

Wooden zebra as individual African decoration

This pretty zebra is handcarved and painted in Kenya. So every animal has individual patterns which make it unique - just like in the wild. Inspire your family and your guests with this great "sitting zebra"

Measurements: 20 x 7.5 x 4.5 cm 

Pure handcraft made in Kenya

Please note that the sitting zebras are made in pure handcraft in Kenya. So there might be differences in the pictures and descriptions regarding design, measurements and patterns.