African Attitude

Wooden bowl with spoon "African Bones"

Item number HEX0018-02-14

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Wooden bowl with spoon "African Bones"

With this pretty, small wooden bowl with spoon you get a piece of Africa as original decoration on your dinner table.

little bowl as table decoration or spicery

 This small bowl made of wood  with a matching little spoon is made in pure handcraft in Kenya . The bowl and spoon's handles are additionally decorated with cow bones. So both parts of this set go together perfectly well. Use this ensemble as fancy African table decoration - or fill the bowl with exotic spices to offer your guests at table.

Measurements: 21 x 10 x 3,5 cm
Spoon length: 16 cm

Pure handcraft made in Kenya

 Please note that the wooden bowl with the matching wooden spoon is made in pure handcraft in Kenya. So there might be differences in the pictures and descriptions regarding measurements, patterns and colours.