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Wooden spoon "Pure Wood"

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Wooden spoon "Pure Wood"

A great, rustic accessory for your dining room table is this large wooden spoon "Pure Wood". This handy kitchen gadget is completely handcrafted and carved from olive wood. For sure it will become indispensable in your household very soon.

Sturdy wood for use at the table

This beautiful African spoon is completely carved from olive wood in Kenya and has a means of suspension on the handle. The handle is carved with a slight curvature. Of course, each wooden spoon is a true one of a kind - and thus becomes a real eye-catcher on your dining room table. Your guests will make eyes!

Dimensions: approx. 30 x 10 x 3 cm

Pure handmade

Please note that each of these wooden spoons in handmade in Kenya. Therefore, deviations from pictures and descriptions with regard to size, grain, colour scheme and design are possible.

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