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Plaited wall decoration "Mbenge", XL

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Plaited wall decoration "Mbenge", XL

This wall decoration, a decorative basket-bowl, is made of plaited Ilala palms artfully. Due to different coloured materials, great, individual patterns emerged.

Traditional bowl as great wall decoration 

For you this is a beautiful decoration for your wall, but traditionally the bowls were used to present fruits. They were also needed to cover fictile "ukhambas" which were used to store beer. The bowls should protect the clay pots and the beer against insects. The plaited bowl is perfectly suited as wall decoration to hang at the wall. Therefore you should turn the bottom side outwards because not until then the great patterns as gorgeous Africa decoration come into their own.

Order exactly the wall hanging you see on the pictures

Every Mbenge is pure handcraft made in South Africa and absolute unique. That means you get exactly the bowl you see on the pictures.

Diameter: 50 cm
height: 10 cm
weight: 1,000 grams