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Braided basket with lid "ukhamba", XL

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Braided basket with lid "ukhamba", XL

This braided big basket is not only a great decoration item but also a real artwork. Made of plaited Ilala palms artfully this traditional basketwork with a lid stands out through its great patterns and the exact workmanship.

This basket with lid is a gorgeous unique item 

This basket is a unique piece of art which was made by the South African artists in extensive handcraft. The ground is made evenly so you can put the container upright.

Traditional storage of Zulu beer

Traditionally the "ukhambas" of the Zulu tribe were used in South Africa to store self made beer. Round here the artfully plaited Zulu basket does a great job as a decoration object in the living area. With this stunning lit basket you get a great piece of traditional Africa as decoration to your home. Every basketwork is pure handcraft form South Africa and absolutely unique. That means you get exactly the container which is shown on the pictures.

This is a unique specimen. For the exact dimensions, please refer to the tab "Additional information".