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Window ornament decoration "Big Fishes"

Item number HWW0003-04

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Window ornament  - decoration "Big Fishes" 

This pretty big decoration fishes made of beads and wire are a great decoration idea for your window.

Decoration fishes in different colours

The window hanging is made in filigree and extensive handcraft in South Africa and is available in different lively designs. Featured with a 45 cm long wire, a loop for hanging and great beadworks this fish brings South African zest for life to your window. Naturally you can hang the fish as funny South Africa decoration from the ceiling or a lamp - there are no limits to your imagination!

Measurements: 11 x 12 cm

Evey fish pure handcraft

The window ornament is made in pure handcraft in South Africa so every fish is unique. So there might be little differences in pictures and descriptions regarding shape, colour and design.