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Wire art beetle

Item number HWT0012-00

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Wire art Beetle 

That is how nostalgia in South Africa looks like: For every Beetle enthusiast this great runabout made of metal wire and beads is an absolute must!

Nostalgia - car with a great attention to detail

Every one of these small art history cars is made of metal wire and colourful beads in extensive handcraft. The doors, the luggage compartment and the engine bonnet of the Beetle are free to move. And naturally the steering wheel is on the right side - how it has to be for an original South African Beetle. The wheels, lovingly added with torque arms of metal wire,  - here they are recycled plastic bags - complete the picture of the nostalgic car in South Africa look.

Measurements: 20 x 11 x 10 cm

South African art work in pure handcraft

 Because every historic car is made in pure handcraft in South Africa there might be differences in pictures and descriptions regarding measurements, colours and design.