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Bracelet "Kenya pattern"

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Bracelet "Kenya pattern"

These fancy bracelets with different patterns are a real eye-catcher and a great fashion jewellery - not only for Africa fans!


Hand painted horn in various designs

The segments for each piece of fashion jewellery are made of goat horn and are painted in Kenya with patterns by hand. You can choose between bracelets with the following patterns:

  • stars
  • stripes
  • points

Approximately 6-7 elements are strung on flexible rubber bands and are held at distance by small, black plastic beads. Thanks to the rubber band the bracelets fit almost any arm size.

Diameter: approx. 7 cm


Purely handcrafted in Kenya

Each of these bracelets is manufactured in pure manual work in Kenya - a real piece of Kenyan handicrafts to wear around your arm. Minor deviations with regard to size, shape, colours and patterns to illustrations and descriptions are possible due to the pure handwork.