African Attitude

Wood figure "Man from Kenya", small, 2nd choice

Item number HWT0115-02-2W

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Wood figure "Man from Kenya", small; 2nd choice

This beautiful little wood figure of an African man brings a true piece of Africa to your home. The proud tribal warrior is hand-carved and painted, which makes every fingure unique.


Warning! 2nd choice!

Please note that this wooden figure has a slight damage (splintering) on the torso. For this reason, you will receive this figure as a second choice with a saving of 50% on the regular price!


Decorative man figure in a noble dark brown colour

This original African figure is a real enrichmend for every living room, and a dreamlike African decoration. The jewellery of African men appears in each figure in silver colour. The ornamental earth coloured painting is individual in each figure ans makes it unique. Fitting this tribal man, African Attitude also provides a female companion.

Measures: approx. 31 x 3,5 x 3,5 cm


Pure Handicraft

Please note, that each of these wood figures is individually manufactured. Thus, the figures may well vary from pictures and description in size, colour ans weight.