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Stone figure "Crowned Crane"

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Stone figure "Crowned Crane"

This beautiful and fascinating stone figure "Crowned Crane" is a real enrichment for your balcony, garden or terrace, and it will make a special, extraordinary African decoration object in your indoor living space just a s well.

It's the combanation!

In the suburbs of Harare in Zimbabwe several brothers have specialized in manufacturing these fascinationg animals in a combination of stone and recycled raw material. The bird's body is made of white serpentine, a volcanic stone, that is known for a great variety in colour and structure. Each body is carved out of the raw stone with hammer and chisel before it gets smoothed with rasp and sand paper.

Recycled material for top and toe

Head and feet of the bird are designed from discarded metal sheets and wires.

Measures: approx. 18 x 13 x 5 cm

Every duck is pure handicraft

Each one of these fascinatiing birds is manufactured in Zimbabwe by local artists and made from serpentine stone and recycled raw material. Thus the objects may differ slightly from description and pictures in measures, colour, shape and making.

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