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Money box "African hut"

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Money box "African hut"

This beautiful coin bank made of clay in the form of a traditional African hut will keep your savings safe.

Each circular clay hut is handmade in South Africa and painted by hand. So, all cabins are completely individually designed - as in real life - and thus real unique.


The easy-to-open Africa piggy bank

The money box in the form of an African hut is plugged with a rubber plug on the bottom. So you may took out money without having to break into the cottage.


Colour combinations to choose from

All Africa cabins are completely individual. However, you have the opportunity to choose between different colour combinations. Please make your selection in the product options. Please keep in mind that colour refers to the composition of the colours. The combination is individual for each savings bucket.

A great suggestion for anyone looking for unusual gift ideas - and of course for real Africa fans.

Dimensions: approx. 11 x 8 cm


Purely handcrafted in South Africa

The money boxes are manufactured in KwaZulu-Natal. Each cabin is unique. Please note that due to the pure handwork deviations with regard to size, shape, colours, patterns and design compared to pictures and descriptions may occur.

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