African Attitude

Bowl "Horn of Africa", ca. 12 cm

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Bowl "Horn of Africa", ca. 12 cm

This exceptional bowl takes its name not by chance. Although it does not come from the "Horn of Africa", but from Kenya - but it is actually completely made ??from goat´s horn.

Decorative bowls made of exceptional material

In pure handcraft these beautiful African bowls are completely carved from goat´s horn in Kenya. So each piece is unique and shows its own individual colours. Make this African craft a real eye-catcher on your dining room table. Your guests will be surprised!

Height: 4 cm
Diameter: ca. 12 cm

Pure handicraft

Please note that each of these decorative bowls is produced in Kenya in pure handcraft and made from a natural material. Therefore, deviations of images and descriptions in terms of size, colours and patterns are quite possible.