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Bowl "Horn of Africa", approx. 9 cm diameter

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Bowl "Horn of Africa", aprox. 9 cm diameter

This fancy African bowl is definitely very unique, not only because it is made in South Africa, but also because it was made entirely from goat horn. 

Decorative bowl made of extraordinary material

This exquisitely beautiful shell in South Africa is completely carved from goat horn in pure handcraft. This results in individual colours for each bowl and make every item a unique and guaranteed real eye-catcher on every dining room table. Your guests will be amazed!

Height: about 2 cm
Diameter: approx. 9 cm

Pure handwork 

Please note that each of these decorative bowls is made entirely by hand from a natural material in South Africa. Therefore, deviations from pictures and descriptions in terms of size, colour and patterns are quite the rule.

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